Monday, August 29, 2016

Merely looking after your watch for the next generation

If you buy a Patek Philippe, it is yours. You do actually own it. "It's your money, you paid for it," as a former President with a questionable record once said.

Ah, the Patek Philippe family. Looking after your watch for your son who looks like he is about to launch a Snapchat clone. Just last weekend, he put some serious mileage on your Ferrari, and then found out that you can't get the digital odometer to decrease by going in reverse.

Some suggestions on how to better spend the $50k that your watch cost:
  • Buy an Apple Watch. They are less than $500, so that will leave you with $49500.
  • Next, buy a really nice bottle of wine.
  • Redo your kitchen.
  • Give the rest to me.